Use RegEx In Callback URL On API Manager Store

Now we can use multiple callback URLs as a regex pattern using WSO2 API Manager.


Use case

regex=(http://localhost:8080/playground2/oauth2client| http://wso2is.local:8080/playground2/oauth2client)
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Callback URL — regex

5. Navigate to Playground application


6. Provide the following details.

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Client Id: Your consumer key in the application
Callback URL: http://wso2is.local:8080/playground2
Authorize Endpoint: https://localhost:9443/oauth2/authorize

You will get the authorization code as below after set of steps.

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For the callback URL you can either use http://localhost:8080/playground2/oauth2client or http://wso2is.local:8080/playground2/oauth2client. Because you registered both the URLs in step 4.

But assume you remove http://localhost:8080/playground2/oauth2client from the callback URL and perform step 5, then you will not be able to log in since it is now not a registered URL.

You will get the following error.

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